J. Tillman - Cancer and Delirium

take it in

the acoustics up your butt lol recorded in a cabin probably

James Dean Driving Experience - Sean Connery

i guess u could say this is like the smaths get this now but uve been listening 4years

ghost mice - debt of the dead

doodly doodly gay folkk punk violin shit listen to it

井内賢吾 - あなたの狂気の春が咲く

some totally wyrd psych folk!!.. sike its neofolk double sike its some japanese guy screaming playin acoustic the fuck is noise-folk idc neway S MY D

I Have Dreams - Three Days Til' Christmas

this is loud the last song has guitar so fast i'm like slow down lol

The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die - Josh Is Dead

pretty, pretty stuff

click the pic