The Caretaker - An Empty Bliss From Beyond this World

its like bee diddly bop bwahh bwahhh bwahhhhhhhhhh baaaahhhhh

Kurtis Blow Jr. - Champagne Dreams & Purple Clouds

yeah yeah this is that real trap choice shit son of kurtis nigga hunned thousand this blog is back bitch suck my dick click the pic to get

I'm So Hollow - Dreams To Fill The Vacuum

heres a short little number by these cool dudes and girl its some post punk shit and the first song sounds like im swirling in the vortex and it feels breezy and dreamy and im wearing shades ya u havent experienced this becuz ur too busy joy divison loser grow some good taste youre dumb im hella smart listen to good music

spaceghostpurrp - blvcklvnd rvdix 66.6

space swag bitch jungle voodoo shit nasa gang nigga swag

Endless Inertia - Oktjabr' / Novembre

the guy yells over some thrushing guitars and drums are there
more free music coming soon

J. Tillman - Cancer and Delirium

take it in

the acoustics up your butt lol recorded in a cabin probably

James Dean Driving Experience - Sean Connery

i guess u could say this is like the smaths get this now but uve been listening 4years

ghost mice - debt of the dead

doodly doodly gay folkk punk violin shit listen to it

井内賢吾 - あなたの狂気の春が咲く

some totally wyrd psych folk!!.. sike its neofolk double sike its some japanese guy screaming playin acoustic the fuck is noise-folk idc neway S MY D

I Have Dreams - Three Days Til' Christmas

this is loud the last song has guitar so fast i'm like slow down lol

The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die - Josh Is Dead

pretty, pretty stuff

click the pic